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Procedure for the treatment of foreigners


1) Visitors from EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

- show the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a certificate temporarily replacing the EHIC

- submitted documents must be valid at the time of treatment

- foreigner is entitled to medically necessary care with regard to the nature of illness and anticipated length of stay in the CR - it only covers healthcare which is normally covered by a statutory health care system in the visited country, so it does not render travel insurance obsolete

- he is allowed to choose Czech health insurance company bearing the cost of treatment (we recommend the General Health Insurance Company)

- it replaced the following medical forms:

  • E110 - For international road hauliers
  • E111 - For tourists
  • E119 - For unemployed/job seekers
  • E128 - For students and workers in another member state.














2) Persons from countries with which the Czech Republic has special agreements

- it's as Afghanistan, Yemen, Cambodia, Mozambique, Syria, Turkmenistan and others

- they are guaranteed free exigent emergency care

3) Persons who do not produce the required evidence of insurance

outpatient treatment requires an advance of the expected costs of care and then also the remaining amount

- if the patient stays in the hospital, we ask him to get a document from which will be clear who will pay the treatment, we always require a financial deposit

- if the patient has no money and must be provided for emergency care, we write a form of acknowledgment of debt - this serves as a basis for recovery of amounts due


4) Foreigner with the form E 112

- foreigner is authorized to draw a special treatment - he travels with this intention

- he is allowed to choose czech health insurance company bearing the cost of treatment (we recommend the General Health Insurance Company)

- condition for reimbursement of health care on the basis of form E 112 is the previous arrangement of conditions for granting and reimbursement of health care between the hospital and czech insurance company



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